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Importance Of Apparel Logo Design

 A symbol is a symbolic symbol of an organization, a commodity or an activity. It shows the characteristics of the industry, its spiritual outlook and its cultural connotation through a well-defined and sculptural image. In the logo design brand-name effect has been generally valued today, the famous symbol has become a symbol of the spirit, a status show, a reflection of the value of the enterprise. Specifically, the value of clothing brand logo is reflected in the following aspects: economic value, credit value, artistic value. Therefore, the design of clothing trademark logo for a clothing brand is crucial.

 At a time when brand-name effects are generally valued, the emblematic mark has become a symbol of the spirit, a show of status, an embodiment of enterprise value. Specifically, the value of clothing brand logo is reflected in the following aspects:

1, economic value: it is the material basis of the value of the mark, mainly refers to the market value of the trademark in the transfer process, such as the French Hermes clothing, the United States Esprit apparel trademark worth tens of millions of dollars. Can be seen, the logo has become a kind of business development and relying on their own assurance, is a huge enterprise intangible assets. Therefore, trademarks in the use and attribution have certain rights, protected by law, inviolable.

2, the credibility of value: it is an important basis for the value of the trademark, especially in the credibility of the establishment of the brand-name logo, a garment quality, style and symbol of quality. Brand identity to consumers satisfaction, trust and success of the value of identity, the symbol in the circulation process also formed a good reputation and reputation.

3, artistic value: brand logo design by the aesthetic era of the dip, you can clearly see the evolution of human material and spiritual life. As an element of social culture and aesthetic taste, its function in today's society is far beyond the function of symbols. Through its special symbolic language, it conveys the aesthetic value and cultural value.

 Signs play an important role in creating brand name products and branded products. It is in the process of communication, to enable consumers to establish a good impression of the business and trust relations, is conducive to the formation and promotion of corporate status. At the same time, it has promoted the importance attached by enterprises to the art form of trademarks and enhanced the design value of trademarks. Of course, while enterprises and people attach great importance to the art forms and design values of their trademarks, they will inevitably place higher demands on the visual performance of apparel trademarks. Specifically, it should be noted:

1, the accuracy of the idea of expression. Logo in the design from the content to the form should fully reflect the visual design language, can accurately show the characteristics of the garment industry and enterprises to show clothing brand personality, meaning and market positioning. The information conveyed by the sign is consistent with the association of consumers, clearly and clearly at a glance, and in line with people's cognitive psychology, easy to identify the memory.

2, distinctive originality. Signs in the design of mining the inherent characteristics of apparel brands, strengthen the differences with other brands at the same time, find the apparel brand attribution, reflect its style and taste. Therefore, the symbol of shape and meaning in the design of unique novelty, the pursuit of individuality, so that it has unlimited vitality.

3, with visual artistic. In addition to the practical function of the accurate dissemination of information in the design, the logo also has the appeal and appeal of the art and reflects the modernity of the diversified clothing. Therefore, the design requires beautiful and unique style, good visual impact and affinity, giving people visual pleasure and enjoyment, reflecting the new era of communication needs.

4, production, use, management convenience. Signs in a certain range, in different environments, publicity on different media, different materials on the production, there must be recognition.