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Two Methods to Maintan Leather Belt

 Belt is the decoration is the most tactile personal features, leather strap is not only elegant and more fashion sense, clothing with a suitable belt will make the wearer look more temperament. However, it is not easy to maintain the belt table is the immediate concern of watch fans! Belt market research report mentioned that although the belt is a consumable goods have a certain life expectancy, but if the correct belt maintenance concepts and common sense, will enable your leather strap Have a longer life, after all, the belt asking price of a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, be regarded as not cheap goods.

Two Methods to Maintan Leather Belt

 1, the belt is not wet or rain removed as soon as possible, immediately dry with a dry cloth and wring dry, you can continue to wear; because the body has a body temperature, to collect must be naturally dried or leather belt coated leather oil, right Belt with protective effect, better maintenance of the belt.

 2, when the belt produce sour smell, with a soft bristled toothbrush soak some soap quickly wash the dirty dirt Department, quickly rinse with water, adopt the "pinch one" pinch out the foam can be the best in the process 15 seconds to complete; then use the natural way to dry or use a hair dryer from 15 cm (so that the belt scorch deformation) drying, to complete the belt maintenance.